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So it would seem, accommodation is the keynote to tranquility in Transition, an Active Intelligence that is fluid in it’s awareness of what might work. How do we Thrive rather than just survive, or not survive at all, in the physical world of this Beautiful Earth Domain with its sensory phenomena and emotional drama? What do our bodies truly need and what is the nature of relationship and the vital part it plays in the Thriving Game?

What are we learning from this human Experiment about the Nature of Reality?  Here is the reminder we are Spiritual Beings having human experiences in the guise of human beings having Spiritual Experiences in ascending and descending vortices of energy, blending and dispelling in Infinite Waves.  It is the Dance and it is the games.  It is the dynamic of dualism presented in the Covenant of this Freewill zone.  Choice is the Nature of Reality in this dimension of Transition between pivotal moments. 

When the power of thought to create reality is enacted through unconscious interpretations that lead to attitudes and belief systems, i.e. Culture, the Playing Field becomes clouded and the Dance Floor is obscured.  The insecurity in the illusions that the perception of alienation instills in our thought-forms, colors the dynamic of human experience - the game.  It seems to be one of opposing rather than complementary dualism, with reactionary rather than creative incentives.  Life appears to be a constant fight for survival rather than the Dance of Thriving that is, in reality, living in a Graceful Way as much as possible in so much Change and Opportunity, and learning through Acceptance to let the awkward moments pass right through us as soon as possible while we find our balance and move forward. This could also be called The Science of Grace…  And, it’s All part of The Adventure…

We are learning some handy hints along the Way from our awareness and experiences in both the ascending and descending Spirals of Life—the wisdom of the Sky and the Earth, of Spirit and matter, as above and so below.  We are learning that the particle physics of no-thing matters, and the quantum physics of riding the wavelengths through the Moment, vertically and horizontally, is the Spiral Dance of Life. We are learning to Trust the Way, and to blink into the next Moment to move things along.  Ultimately, we are learning, again and again, to live in Harmony with the Flow of the Seasons, by seeking Common Ground through the Common Language of the Heart.  In the Beginning is the Word, the Breathing of Life into form…

Morning always comes….  “In a completely preliterate society, the oral tradition is not memorized, but remembered. Thus, every telling is fresh and new, as the tellers review the imagery of origins, journeys, loves, hunts. Themes and formulae are repeated as part of an ever-changing tapestry composed of both the familiar and the novel. Direct experience, generation by generation, feeds back into the tale told.” -- Gary Snyder.

The way I see it we are here by Choice to learn rapidly and to help as we can that All may experience the Joy and the Peace and the Innocence that is the Essence of our Being – the Harmony in the midst of turmoil that brings Clarity, Peace, and Joy to one another through the Resonance of being in it Together.

In the midst of terrific circumstance we can see great Beauty, for rising out of it will be cleaner brighter expressions of the Essence of All-That-Is.  We can stay out of chaos by living our lives prepared for chaos, not fearing it but having what we need and being in touch Together.

“Can you be simultaneously enraptured by the intrinsic freedom of reality, and unnerved by the symmetry-breaking cascade of experience about to burst forth in the next moment?”

It appears it is our task to stay open to the Light, that we can bring it to others that we’re in it Together, and that is our safety and our Joy.  Where two or more are gathered………and two billion or more are gathered…

We’re here about Loving each other and Loving the Earth that is our Common Ground and looking to the Sky for the guidance in the order of the Universe of All-That-Is and that’s what we’re about.

It’s a time to be aware of the influence that the reactionary energy of anger has on the energy of the group – the Creative Principle.  Love is what we’re here for – and a time of Breathing Together…  The true meaning of conspiracy is “to breathe together”…  Deep breathing communing with rapid breathing blends both to mid-range and modulates our frequencies so we’re operating on the same wavelength.  It’s a calming technique used in Healing, in Birthing, and in Council.  In riding the Light-waves and sending out harmonious sound-waves and thought-waves we are the beacons – Lighthouses in the Storm – finding/showing the Way around the rocks and into safe harbor.

“The Sky opens, the Wind runs wild, Laughter passes over the Earth.”

On this bright Spring Equinox Morn I was walking up the Mountain by my home near Yosemite, Celebrating the welcoming feeling of Equilibrium in the Light, and the Resurrection into a New Day, after an intense Transition through the dark nights of Winter.  Suddenly, as the Sun went behind the darkened clouds rising up over the Mountain, the Wind blew up, the Sky opened, and Rain poured over me, soaking into my hair and skin, as I had come out wanting only to be open to All-That-Is… The remembrance in my heart carried me full circle to my experience in the Land of the Maya just before this last Winter Sojourn began, where I Danced in the downpour of that warm Tropical Rain Forest of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico until the Lightning came down with a BOOM and told me “in no uncertain terms” that it was time to move into Shelter.  As my bare feet moved over the wet Earth of that magical place I was breathing in deeply the moist healing of the Maya Rain God after those bright and sparkling months of my Sojourn with the Sun God and the Tribes of Stars in the clear and vivid spaciousness of the High Desert of Chaco Canyon, in New Mexico.

Full Circle Once Again……Autumn…Renewal…Winter…Renewal…Spring…Renewal… 
In Harmony with the Flow of the Seasons of Life we move on through Summer with All-That-Is.

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