Journeys of the Heart

Windows of OpportunityWindows of Opportunity


Chaco ViewI am leaving my Mountain Home in June for a Sojourn in Chaco Canyon at Summer Solstice. I invite any of you who feel the Calling to join me in Exploring the Nature of Reality in this Reality of Nature, and Ancient Sacred Site, to Pray for Peace and to Celebrate the Light. It’s a Desert camping experience so come prepared.

JohnMy Dear Friend, and film partner, John Sefick, and I are producing a series of videos on the Cultures of Indigenous Tribes and Sacred Sites and the timely Message they bring to our world today. Our Journeys of the Heart in Chaco Canyon, and Palenque, are ready and available if you are interested in being there for your Self. Click here and here to view clips from these two works.

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Since we do live in a circular world of breathing in, and breathing out, and breathing in again, I would Love to hear from You about where you’re at in this Thriving in the Business of Life, and how You see it in this Time of Great Change in our Journeys of the Heart into Peace on Earth and Good Will within Humanity and throughout the Natural World.  Our Comfort and our Strength is in Being in it Together and Knowing that We Are.

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