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Systems Theory – Teamwork in Co-Creating the Future

The Economy as a Living System: Are our theories integrated with our practices? We are borrowing this life – this human experience – how are we going to manage it? We are a lending institution – how can we lend a helping hand?

How can we guide, encourage, and support Life in the realm of all possibilities?  Clear Council during these times of social and economic disequilibrium, when transformation can/must take place, is worth more than everything we own and all the knowledge we have gained so far.  We can focus not just on the crisis/problem, but on the opportunity/solution in moving from individual reactions to the proactive agendas of the integrated affinity groups who work as teams.

“One is rich not through possessions, but through that which one can, with dignity, do without.” -- Epicurus.

“We can’t all be famous but we can all be great because greatness comes through service.” -- Martin Luther King.

…And the system can be great because service is the “fuel” that sustains and drives the mechanism in itself. 

It seems that today’s busy-ness in money has taken on a different Golden Rule as its standard: Those that have the gold make the rules.  These rules are formulated for profit and cost effectiveness alone, with the intention to bring more and more of the world’s assets and resources into the control of a smaller and smaller group of individuals.  It is a taking and hoarding economy, solely for personal gain, and use.  It’s easy to see this now, and we’re all feeling the effects of this illusory game.

ChacoWhat I am seeking, through recognition and choice, are the systems that operate under the Golden Rule that says that we give and receive with others what we would have them give and receive with us, until it appears that the giving and receiving are one process in each moment.  These systems see that the assets and resources provide for the growing numbers of people who are consciously investing and participating in the protection of Life as the Common Ground for All.  These systems are the families and communities that spiral out and network into larger yet still connecting systems.  Here, communication and co-operation create and sustain the quality and purpose of the business itself.

The first “gold standard” mentioned that seems so prevalent today is a fear-based economy operated on mistrust and the premise that we will never be safe because there is never enough – always more “things” are needed and it isn’t fair.  Life is a gamble and no one can be counted on, and nothing lasts.  The people who do Thrive Together are often portrayed as, and thereby become in the minds of many, a threat to the general wellbeing and to the security of the status quo.  We are told the only thing that will provide “real” security is the money to buy what we think we need from those that own it.  We have lost our memory of the systems that provide security through the Gift of Service in sustaining Life.  How many remember that gas stations used to be called service stations?

Now the money seems to be going away, generally speaking, as it mostly passes onto, and is hoarded by, the relative few who have a different viewpoint on the purpose of the human experience.  The Good News is that it gives more and more of us the opportunity to remember and renew how systems can work when we give and receive in service to the quality of Life that we choose to sustain, and thereby manifest in that Light.  It’s a Grand Adventure and challenge that can occupy us while all these changes are taking place!

How do we create systems where the sustenance is built in, and how do we use the money that we still have available to guide and foster this Transition?

Common LanguageLaughterWe might begin by recognizing our Common Ground and building upon it.  We can use Common Language as reference.  We could create a Center-place in our hearts and work our way out from there, while drawing in the needed energy and resources offered to that Purpose, always by Choice.  We envision - we choose direction - we clear the way.  We create open systems where Life can pass through and bring to form the possibilities “for seven generations.”  Our Common Ground is integrity, which is its own reward and sustenance and as we live it, its Purpose is revealed.  In our affinity of ideals, the ideas are received, conceived, held in the Light of recognition, offered in Trust, and let go to All-That-Is.

Transition is a good thing – it moves us to where we want to be. 

The most powerful slogan I have seen is “Caregivers of the World Unite.”  This powerful idea can include all of us who care, and express it in our daily lives through participating in Community as extended family, and as the core principle in our Business of Life.  Yes, we need returns for our efforts because that’s what keeps it going!  We’re providing for ourselves by providing for each other.  This is the definition of Community as expressed in the tribal living of our Ancestors before the change in the Gold Standard, where it was assumed that the Good of the individual was contained in the Good of the Whole and vice versa.  We can play our role according to our talents and interests as a complementary offering to the quality of Life as a whole system – a Cultural Biosphere of Unity–in-Diversity

Big Sky SunsetWe are actually living in a system that is as Big as the Sky.  Life is Holy, and Whole-y, and yes, quite “holey.” at times as well.  It’s time to weave again the netting that holds it together so that we don’t fall through “in the mean time.”

FruitThe power and the functional protection of a system is in the Synthesis of the Synchrony in its timing, and the Symmetry of its design, providing a Synergy through the movement of the individuals and groups invested, while holding the Big Picture as format and guide.  Integrating Life choices in business through common goals and purpose brings enrichment, inspiration, and balance along the Way, i.e. sustenance for All-That-Is.

We are lending to each other, and borrowing in the present, what is ours already in the future – our inheritance and our reward.  We create the future by living it today.  A healthy culture of giving and receiving in the sharing of Life, and its ability to have a positive influence on the system and its environment, provides the ongoing existence of reality with a balance that enables survival and evolution of the whole system and all its parts.

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