Journeys of the Heart


Dynamic Synthesis

In defining the Science of Grace and the awkwardness it mediates, moderates, and sometimes seems to measure, here are some questions we might ask.

What is the Essence, the character, the capacity, the intent of this co-operative Play on Life, and how is that portrayed in the leaders and in the parent figures in our culture?  Is it Loving, Protecting, Wise, and full of the Freedom and Wonder of Response-ability; or is it full of the disorienting awkwardness, and pain, of judging, wrathful, punishing, and possessive attitudes and behavior?  What is the nature and purpose of being “good,” of being “alive,” and of living in Harmony with the Flow of the Seasons in Nature?  How is that portrayed in this world of experience we find ourselves in today?  Do we have a choice in the matter?  Where is our Free Will in all of this?  What are we learning along the Way…?

Who am I, and what do I want, and with whom do I want to participate to be my most Graceful as much as possible in this confusing time we’re living through?  What is the Nature of the Reality I am helping to create in this Reality of Nature being provided?  In other words, what are we doing here?  Why have we come? What is the original Covenant that was our ticket to ride?  Was it given to us in Joy and Innocence or in wrath and judgment?  What is the purpose in staying or re-turning?  Do we remember?   Do we Know?

Big SkyIt seems that the patterns in our unconscious thoughts are our beliefs, and that believing is seeing.  Do we see ourselves banding together with others in a Picture as Big as the Sky in order to participate in the reality we find ourselves in, even if we don't like the one we’re currently being shown……or do we Fall from Grace again and again into the outrage of reactionary energy expressing as anti-energy, through the unconscious projections of what we have been led to believe we deserve and are not getting, in the drowning of LOVE in a flood of uncried tears of regret, and in the illusion of living in a reality we can not change, and where we are not safe and provided for in our needs, and where we really might not even deserve to be?!

The way I see it is we can do it because we are doing it because this is it!  We can forgive our awkward moments and those in others by Trusting our intent, and learning in the human-tide of ebbs and flows, that as we know better, we do better.  That’s evolution right there, with the help of those great leaps of Transformation that we’re grateful for - usually after the fact…  We have only to "wake up" to the awareness of Conscious Choice………to ring the bell again…

GB in the Rain“Wilderness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.”

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