Journeys of the Heart


Common Ground

Welcome to the Parlor. After while, I have a parlor game for you if you’d like to play that is called Parallel Realities. But for now, in this “meal” we’ll be sharing in this part of the Way Station, I suggest that it is not fast food, and perhaps taking small bites and chewing slowly. If it does come in “gulps” at first, please take the time to let it settle and digest.

GalaxySince you have decided to stay a bit, let’s talk about Common Ground and the part it has always played on this planet in the organization of Life through the integration of living organisms into systems that allow a vast diversity of expression to Thrive into a Unity that becomes the Symphony for Life, and a Synthesis that comes out of its Synchrony of movement, and Symmetry of design…

SmileWe have come to a place in our evolution as a people on this beautiful planet of our birth, where the lessons for Thriving in the Business of Life have now become our Common Ground, and our daily bread.  Who are we as a people, and what do we want our future to be?  What is our purpose in being here, and what is the plan?

What is our Common Ground and how do we preserve and protect it for the good of All-That-Is?  What does it mean to Thrive and how does that play out?  What is the Business of Life and how does that work for us?  Where are we coming from with it, and what are we heading for?  Do we know?  Do we have the time to care?

The place we’re at, as I see it, is that we are the ones that choose by where we put our focus, and we are the ones to experience our choices into reality.  It is our right and our responsibility.  The stakes are high, and the time is Now.  This is our challenge and our opportunity.  We know that Universal changes are happening everyday, and in every way, and we’re coming to Know that we’re All in it together.  It has always been so, but now we are activated and intensified by the Knowing that we know it and in living through this Transition into a time of Peace.

Shadow and LightWe are moving beyond the shadow of a doubt.  The wake up call is loud and clear in our hearts and on our minds in one form or another, across this country and around the world.  The clear Light of this Knowing is dawning on the Common Ground that we are remembering and renewing back into reality in the very questions that are coming out into the open, along with the resolutions and Transformations they bring.

SpiralNow instead of continuing to allow ourselves to be divided even further into the thousand pieces of our thousands of issues, we are pulling it together by pulling ourselves together.  Who are we, and what do we want?  How do we see our part in Life on Earth, and how do we intend to live it?  The way I see it is if we move together and work and play as much as possible in each situation and locale to see that all of us have the rights and responsibilities of Moonthe vital part that our Commons have in providing for Life, then everything Spirals out from that Center.  We work and plan and pray and play towards creating the future that we are holding in our awareness and remembering in ourselves.  The Earth is our Common Ground in this Life, and in this awareness we can see our unique expressions reflected throughout that Unified Field.  The Dance becomes a Way of Life that is in Harmony with the Flow of the Seasons, where all Life is Sacred, to create through, and plant in, and to protect and cherish.

What does it mean to Thrive in the Business of Life in today’s world where our culture brings its own incentives and motivations to how we do our business, or busy-ness, perhaps?  What could a sense of Thriving bring to our normal routine of just trying to get by, day to day?  How have we come to a place where many, now turning into most, are scarcely surviving in the format that currently exists as “reality”?  Are some of us just “lucky” to be the ones to still be allowed in the game, and that losing ground or dropping out just hasn’t happened yet?  Is that how it inevitably must go - to try ever harder to go faster and do more to prove that we are worthy of being successful or  “chosen” to be allowed to stay in the game?  What is this game we’ve been playing?  What is it we are choosing to sustain and perpetuate with our time, attention, energy, and where we put our money?  Are we choosing it?   Is it what we Love?  What are the rules, and who gets to decide?

Rough WatersI see these questions and the possibilities they may bring forth as part of a Transition Council Movement that might help us through these rough waters by linking up, spreading out, and embracing All Life on Earth for the understanding and protection of the Big Question, “What is the Nature of Reality, in this Reality of Nature we’re co-operating in?”  This holds a space in which to imagine a Bigger Picture that we can have in mind for seeking a greater Vision of the part that culture can bring to this RiverCeremony called Life.  What is the Harmony and Alliance we need for the future we are working to create?  Where is the Culture of Peace that weaves that together with All Life?  What are the rules and standards, and who decides?  Transition Council meets first in the heart and then Journeys through Council Rooms around the world to gather in person, from time to time and place to place… 

BalanceI’m seeing that there are Universal Laws that All Life operates under, consciously or not, and that it is in the Spirit of our human nature to be seeking the answers that create the solutions that bring it all back together, and move it all forward, into balance and Harmony.  By looking at it in this way, and with other aspects as well, we can get a clearer picture of what the relevant questions might be by asking them, in ourselves and with each other, in our hearts and out loud in the world.  We are each integral cells in the One Body of the One Earth and All-That-Is, in this Universe of many Universes.  For me, that is the Big Picture and by us seeing it in our own way and holding it together, we can create our reality in Resonance with the hearts that keep this Dream alive by holding it in common. 

CouncilStop and ListenWhat does my heart say is the question I ask myself when I feel the hesitation in a moment of Choice, and then I ask my mind to pause and listen.  If I still don’t know, then for me it isn’t Known yet, or I have a doubt somewhere standing in the way of that Knowing that needs to be heard first and resolved.  I need Council where I can center into attunement, and align myself for that Clarity in Intensity that comes with the mirroring in others of Common Intent.

ChildAnd so it goes with the Bigger Picture on the Infinite Spiral of Life - DNA and Milky Way - from the Essence of Life to the Essence of Life, as Alpha becomes Omega and re-turns again.  I see Transformation as the name of the game we’re playing in bringing the rhythm of our heartbeats into unison with the rhythms in the Dance of Life.  This brings our lives into a Harmonic Resonance that becomes the Synthesis to provide the Synergy for our Synchrony of movement, and our Symmetry in design, enacting a Ceremony of Gratitude for Life that is the Way and the Dance.  For me, this concept and construct are all contained in the Science of Grace we’re coming upon in our awareness for study in this Time of Great Change where often our only Prayer is to be as Graceful as possible in the move we’re on, and that Intention in itself can be our Common Ground for Thriving in the Business of Life.


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