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Genesis Revisited: A Fable for this Time

In the Beginning there was Love, the Dynamic Synthesis in which All Life Co-operates...

Ocean…And then it was drowned in the salty substance of a million uncried tears of shame and regret, in guilt and the fear of loss of Love, creating the illusion of separation from the God of All-That-Is and the Innocence in the Understanding of Purpose and Intention with the First Idea.  What was left hidden and unexpressed in the growing shadow of doubt, became the unconscious creator, and was re-experienced “time and again” through the projections that came out of this sense of the loss of connection with Innocence and Wholeness as the Nature of Reality.  The creative activity of Play shifted into a defensive reaction to the creation itself, to the environment and to the “others” in the world - a living and growing organism whose immune system became allergic to itself…  This created the growing “evidence” used to justify the next round in the illusions of alienation and isolation, giving a sense of random insecurity and confusion as to cause and effect in this realm of our circular and cyclical Universe.

SkyIn this Fable, Free Will, as conscious choice, is the Sacred Covenant for participation on this planet Earth that provides the safety and Truth-in-Love for the Garden of Eden experiment to unfold over time and space.  This Covenant has been distorted and subverted in the shadows created by the denseness of going ever-deeper into the matter of things until the Big Picture, as Eternal Sky containing All-That-Is, i.e. Heaven, is lost from sight.  Participation in the Dance of Life transformed “over time” into the unconscious projections of a cloudy consciousness in the fear-guilt-shame game expressing as regret and disappointment in how things “turned out.”  This game gave form to a “past” which colored and predicted the next projection/interpretation through the influence of “pre-conceived notions” about the Nature of Reality.  Thus were created ever more complex patterns of “thinking things through,” becoming belief systems of pre-judgment/prejudice that set in motion the next round of causative factors…


BabyThe resulting unconscious reactions and repetitions of worry, insecurity, and dis-ease were added into a mass consciousness that carried on a life of its own through creating en masse.  These cause-and-effect patterns continue in this Day to create what we believe is the Nature of Reality in Life on Earth, through the belief that we are not worthy, that we are not Good, that we can not be trusted as co-creators, as Playmates in this Garden…and yet that’s exactly what we have been and what we still are.  This game in all its variations has been enacted and portrayed time and again in the betrayal/victim struggle for survival in a blind illusion of powerlessness and vulnerability, the game of loss of Innocence over and again - the Fall from Grace.

The fable continues…

As Spiritual Being that chose to blend ourselves with the Joy of Experience on this beautiful and bountiful Earth by the slowing down of frequency in accommodation to denser forms, we were “captured” in the Wonder of the Dance, and moving in it to the ever more complex and breath-taking sensations that abounded in the possibilities at hand, until we became so caught up in the density/destiny that we lost sight of our state of Being in All-That-Is and our part in the Dance of the Oneness of All Life.

What were “in the Beginning” the awkward moments of learning to co-operate and maneuver on this Playground for Universal Consciousness, became altered through the slow motion of substance into the murky illusions of an interpretive mode of reality as separate from All-That-Is.  This perspective of “other” as an “instead” brought the game of  “more or less” scarcity into the Unified Field of Creativity that continues to actively re-appear and divide it up, again and again, into a power dynamic that attempts to prove our worthiness of being “allowed” to co-create, or to at least stay in the game.  Have we forgotten our part in the Dance of Creation, and no longer hear the Song in our Hearts?

RabbitIn the vagueness of our limiting viewpoint of the Big Picture of who we are and what we’re doing here, the inherent Innocence in our awkwardness of learning the “rules of getting along” in what has become our Schoolhouse as well as our Home, has been misinterpreted and misused into the idea of a reality that is inherently “bad” and “wrong.”  Ultimately, we translated that misinterpretation all the way back in time to “the Beginning,” and have persistently projected and instilled it, time and again, onto all Innocent Life, everywhere, in the natural world, in human nature, and in the young.  Now it seems we’re coming to a time where there is no place in the Dance to Play in the freshness of New Life, no Springtime for our awareness to renew itself and inspire us to carry on in the Purpose of Life as Harmony in the Flow of the Seasons……until……

BoySeedlingsI feel we are now being awakened, quite abruptly it would seem, from a Long Winter Sleep for the germination of individuality as conscious Free Will, into a time of the Sprouting of Remembrance and Renewal in the First Idea, and that we are also the Garden itself in welcoming All Life into growing and blooming and Midwifeproducing the fruit of its labor that sustains in each new round.  In that Light we have our work cut out for us as well as our reward, because we are waking up in the middle of the dark moment before the Dawn, a Universal Life Transition in the rebirth of awareness in All-That-Is, and we are the Midwives, the Mothers, and the Ones being born……the protective Father Principle, as well.  And we’re caring for the Garden also because that is our nest, and our Quest…

GardenIn this Story, Free Will plays out as making conscious choices with the resulting forms ”in mind.”  It is the power and responsibility of consciously participating in the manifestation of reality from a group consciousness viewpoint.  It is co-creation within the Playing Field of Divine Will, if you will...  That is the game we are playing in this Covenant of Free Will zone that we “signed on for” before we came, in order to re-member how to be Free to Dance in the Garden of Life in Harmony with the Flow of the Seasons. 

SpiralMayan SpiralConscious choice brings a resulting appearance and opportunity to our minds, and with our intentions, for co-creating a Reality of the Good of the Whole of Creation throughout “time" as the expanding and ascending Spiral of Life - the DNA and the Milky Way. 

GirlsThis Dance of Intention/Attention/Action is the Law of Manifestation that we operate under, and must abide in through the outcomes we produce. That is our task and opportunity, our inspiration and our fulfillment.  Whether consciously creating or unconsciously creating,we are creating in every moment, with our thoughts of how it is and how it goes “all the time” and we are doing it Together.  This is our Covenant with Life.

Genesis Revised: In the Beginning there is Love...Girl with Flower

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